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What is our Vision

We are one of best online computer based work provider company in India. Our computer based work included part time data entry works, full time data entry jobs, work from home, online home jobs. Our computer based work available all over cities in India.

Our vision is to connect our lovely Indian peoples and provide them work, So that they can work online and get paid for their work. We want to help Indian peoples in fulfilling their basic needs. This platform is open for anyone to join and start work.

There are many online work available on the internet but you won’t find reliable and genuine like us. So don’t wait and just start your most reliable online data entry work. We promise you that if you join us and work hard than you will be satisfied, We are not any ordinary company which is only work for profit, we are giving you a opportunity so that you can work from home.

Who is Perfect Candidate for our Work

  1. Anyone who knows how to turn on a computer, and access the Internet.
  2. Anyone who is wanting to put in an effort to work.

What are the Requirements for our Work


  1. You will need a computer such as (desktop pc, laptop, or tablet) — we don’t suggest to do the work on mobile phones.
  2. You will need an Internet connection (download/upload faster).


  1. NO Skill required.
  2. NO Higher Education required.
  3. NO Experience required.
  4. NO Working Hour defined.

How Does it work’s ?


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Create Register on our portal, enter your basic details.


 Start Working

Start typing from given document in our online software.


 Get Payment

Your balance will be updated within 24 hour and you get your payout in your bank.

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 Typing Jobs

Earn ₹50 to ₹500 Per Page (1000 words)

Online & Offline Typing Assignments which you can execute on MS-Word or any equivalent software.

 Proofreading Jobs

Earn ₹100 to ₹500 Per Page (1000 words)

Editing MS-Word Files and Checking for Spelling and Grammatical Errors.

 Paid Survey Jobs

Earn ₹5 to ₹100 Per Survey

Input your opinion about various product & services that you use & earn money online.

 Graphic Designing Jobs

Earn ₹50 to ₹500 Per Assignment

Designing Coral Draw and Photoshop Graphics and Exporting them to various file format.

 Video Presentation Jobs

Earn ₹100 to ₹500 Per Video

Preparing Videos or PowerPoint Slides and Adding Proper Animation and Sound Effects.

 Online Advertisement Jobs

Earn ₹100 to ₹500 Per Ad Posted

Advertising our products on various web portals. It’s Pay-Per-Post sort of program.

Who is Perfect for our Work

 College Student

A college student trying to earn extra income, this program is perfect to do between classes, or when ever you have free time.

 In Need of a Job

An unemployed and can’t find a suitable job in the brick & mortar world, this can be your answer to make a great income immediately.

 Stay-at-Home Parent

Stay at home mom or dad and earn extra income while still attending to the household, kids and family.

 Retired Person

A retiree looking to keep busy, or earn some supplemental income this is the perfect opportunity that will keep you busy and earn money.

 Disabled Person

A disability that doesn’t allow you to work away from home, this program a perfect fit for you.

 A Better Job

Looking for a part time job, or a better job, then this is the perfect program for you. You ca try it first before quitting your current job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What work I will do ?
We will give you scanned document’s you need to enter data from these document’s. All document’s will be uploaded in your account after registration.
How much I can earn from this website? ?
Earning depends on how much and how good you are in doing work. If your typing speed is good than you will earn good income, It depends on person to person. Generally user’s get 5 to 10 thousand per month by doing this simple work. You will earn as much you work.
How I will receive the payment?
Your payment will be transfered via NEFT in your bank account. We also provide payment facility via Paytm, Phonepe and Google pay.
How many work will I get in a day?
No, There is no limit of work in a single day. This is totally unlimited work, No work limit, No time limit. Just register with us and you will get work instantly.
What type of online tasks will be given to me?
You will get tasks like writing, reading, answering simple questions, filling forms.
Is there any age limit ?
Yes, People who have aged between 18- 50 yrs can Join this Work.
Is there any membership fee ?
NO, There is no Membership FEE.
Do i need a website to join this program ?
No. You don’t need to own a website to join this program.
Do i need any skills or experience to do data entry ?
Absolutely Not. Your Basic Computer Knowledge such as browsing and typing is enough for you to do data entry work.

Our network

We have the most active network of online computer work employee and
work for each given task with maximum effectiveness.


We have over 500 employee on our platform and more keep joining us every day.


We have completed more than 2,00,000 successful tasks with over 35,000 articles.

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