Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a fee to join the team?
A. No, there are no fees.

Q. Do I have to be a legal resident of the India?
A. No. Anybody can apply from anywhere in the World.

Q. Who is
A. is an recruitment Agency working in the field of outsourcing business to link the employers and employees together to the benefit of both.

Q. Can I work from my home?
A. Yes, you can work from your home, office or from anywhere.

Q. Are positions part-time or full-time?
A. offers both full-time and part-time positions.

Q. How will I receive support at home?
A. You will have a dedicated Coach and Subject Matter Expert that will be available to support you by email and message chat.

Q. How much does an associate get paid?
A. Pay rates vary depending on the skill sets needed for each client.

Q. Does pay by the hour or by the project?
A. offers both paid by the hour and paid by the project.

Q. Will I get to choose which project I work on?
A. Our recruiters will work with you to ensure you are placed on a project that is best suited towards your skills and experience.

Q. What are the requirements for my work space?
A. Independent associates will need to provide an space that is noise and distraction free. Be aware that common distractions may include interruptions from family members, cell phones, television, music, doorbells and pets.

Q. What schedules are available?
A. offers both kind of schedules, as per your suitability and as per project requirement.

Q. When will I hear about my project completion?
A. Within 24 hours of completing your project you will receive an email from acknowledging receipt of your project . If you do not receive this email, we have not received your project and you will need to reapply.

Q. How does pay?
A. Associates are paid bi-weekly. We encourage our associates to enroll for Phonepe, Google pay or Paytm payment methods.